Hi all,

Please advise with a new setup. I've got 40lbs of Fiji plant in a 75gal which just finished curing. I've been planning to move the contents of my 30gal reef over into the 75gal at this point. I would then have 80lbs of rock, one serpent star, one peppermint shrimp, one cleaner shrimp, one true percula, and various assorted snails and hermits in the 75gal.

Last night, however, a wrench was thrown into my plans. My wife and I both observed two tiny little stalked eyes emerging out of a hole in the new rock in the 75gal, followed by a tiny little body, and then zzziiiippp, back in again. It was the tiniest little mantis shrimp I've ever seen. He couldn't have been more than 1/2" long.

My question is, will this tiny little mantis cause problems for the new inhabitants or is he too small to worry about? My second question is, how am I going to get rid of him? I'm aware of all the usual methods, but this guy is really small and very, very quick.


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