Question Breeding Collumbellid Snails


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Hi everyone,
I've just finished reading this article and I'm interested in breeding and raising collumbellids, mostly to pass on to other reefers.
I've got a 100l plastic tub to do this, and I'm looking for advice on how to set this up perfectly to get as many young snails as I can. I have some collumbellids in my DT, and I see many egg capsules, but a lack of small young snails and I'm not sure where it's going wrong. So I'm just looking for advice on the best tank i can create for them. What should I feed? What hardscape and lighting? How should i filter the water? Do i want it super clean or kind of dirty? Should I run carbon and other media? Should I dose Phytoplankton for the young snails? You get the kind of questions. Any advice is really appreciated.
Thank you