blenny turning on snails and hermit crabs.


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So Just checking to see if anyone else has this experience.
My algae blenny recently ate a dead hermit crab, which DOA from shipping, and I didn't bother to throw it out, since I figured another crab would clear it out and take it's shell. Now it seems it has developed a taste for living hermit crabs, trying to grab exposed ones.

I also have a black blenny which ate all my snails.

Anyone have this experience with bicolor or molly miller blennies? or any other omnivorous blenny for that matter? they were herbivores, in the beginning, guess it was just a matter of time? Both my blennies do not recognize feeder shrimps as food, thank goodness, since they are much easier to eat then crabs.

As I look at these giant 4 inch blennies, I just realized they have more body mass than my tangs.


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:LOL: Oboy these Blenny's they have great personality but are just known for being trouble makers. I just removed my midas blenny for eating my zoa skirts. Seem's once they get the taste for things it becomes a habit.