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I have a 210 reef ready aqueon that I stupidly trusted the seller and didn't leak test on site. Unfortunately I have a small leak on the bottom seal. I have tried stripping the old inner silicone seal and resealing but the tank still leaks. I think it needs to be fully torn down and rebuilt. Is there anyone that can recommend a company that does this. I really don't want to have to buy a new tank.


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many years ago, i did similar: bought a tank, leak tested and left in driveway i decided not to install the tank and sold it the bottom seal blew- i gave the guy his money back wasnt happy about it as i had it filled fine with no issues but &*^% happens i would circle back to seller I would never trust that tank again, even if a pro fixes it up

* the thread is on here somewhere, I looked quick didnt see it