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Hope everyone and their tanks got through this mess okay. Here in north NJ, we took a beating with trees down and no power for 48 hours. Curious to hear how everyone's tanks made out without power. As soon as the power came on, I had to check the damage. Going down the steps to the fish room, I smelled death. Happily, my copperband survived but lost all of my dragonettes, gobies and blennies. The corals, for the most part survived. The acros(green slimer, red dragon, blue stag and sticks) were a total loss. Did lose the pink birdsnest and pink boobies chalice. Oh well, what are you going to do. Answer: Buy more corals.


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There are some super cheap generator options now. I got a little wen 2000w for my return pump ect. I like your solution lol buy more corals.sorry to hear about your losses
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Power was out for 24 hours...have a portable gen that was running the tanks, refrigerators and a few lights and fans. Tanks seem ok with just some corals slowly starting to open back up.

Had 2 fish in a quarantine...with ich. 1 since has died although idk how much the power had to do with it.