help identify this Red Macro Algae? (and help for controlling the green micro).


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Per attached, this red algae has grown over the years (slowly) in my tank (55 gallon oceanic reef). It appears to be a type of macro algae, (Halymenia floridana)? The color is attractive and improves the look of my tank. As you can see, I have plenty of other micro algae around it and on other rock. Controlling this with a clean-up-crew (cuc) has not worked out. I have been removing the rock and cutting down the algae with scissors. Adding a Tang is the solution? Odds are the Tang would also feast on the red macro algae as well?

Yesterday's Nitrate level test attached (seems ok).

Tank mates:
2 X Percula clownfish (NOTE: one is ~22 years old!)
1 X Kaudern's Cardinalfish
1 X Azure Damsel

3 ft Cebu Sun Systems - 175 Watt