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Good evening everyone,

I received my shipment in from my latest purchase from TSA. Bayer dipped and did all my usual process and into the tank they went.12pm~

All went into my sandbed and ready to begin light acclimation. Came back home around 1015pm and looked into my tank and noticed that one SPS piece was going through RTN (flesh falling off). Luckily, it was a 10$ piece that I got quickly off their 1$, 5$, 10$ drops and it wasn't really got to have item so I tossed it A.S.A.P.

I didn't want it to spread and not taking any chances on the amount of money I just spent on other frags.

I possibly experienced RTN in the past but not to where I had enough knowledge to understand a tank as I do now.

I am guessing the RTN was due to temp swings as it was pretty cold today and it was just ultra sensitive. No other frags are currently showing signs of stress, polyps are all extended and no signs of RTN.

I would like to prepare myself for a disaster or an attempt to save what I can. Any suggestions? All frags and growing.

I appreciate any info/advice.

Thank you,