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4 days ago I purchased a copperband butterfly fish to help me with aiptasia in the tank... This is my second try, I already got one last month and it didn't survive more than 12 hours.

This one I got looked very healthy and chubby, and he just doesn't eat anything at all. He's in quarantine now in a safe environment and no other fish are bothering him. I tried mysis shrimp, brine shrimp, bought a bunch of different clams, tried to feed him with easy masstick too. Today I'll try blood worms but I'm hopeless. Does anyone have any advice on how to get him to eat?


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A fish's appetite is one of the leading indicators of its health. However, do not think that great health - a great appetite. Each fish should eat in measure. However, some species of fish, such as young angelfish, do not have a feeling of satiety, so you set and control this measure of satiety yourself. When choosing food for aquarium fish, you should understand that she receives all the vitamins and microelements she needs, and their deficiency can adversely affect her general condition and immunity in general. Also, for more accurate feeding portions, it is recommended to purchase an automatic fish feeder that will feed the fish in the same amount every day.
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