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Selling the old setup, hoping it goes to someone excited to setup their new build. Will trade for RO System or auto top off or some frags.

Solarflare High Output T5 Lights - 48 inches
Trade for - Auto Top Off/RO.System/ hang on overflowbox/Bubbletips/Rock flower nems/FRAGS

Ice Cap Gyre Pump w/ wave functions - 80$
Trade for - RO System/Auto TopOff/Bubbletips/ hang on overflow box

Return Pump -
Trade - Frags/Rock flower nems/

Glass Eheim Heater -
trade - frags/rock flower nems

Fluval Evo 13.5 w/Skimmer - 60$
- Has custom first chamber filter floss holder
-Original Pump
-No light

Trade for - Auto Top off/RO System

If you got sexy shrimp, pompom shrimp or seastars pleaseee let me know! Happy reefing!


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