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Thinking of changing all my live rock out with dry rock, added some anthelia a while back on one rock its every where now pain to deal with, what would be a safe way to do it without causing a cycle?
Can I just plumb a tank to existing tank and put rocks in to let them cure or would it be safer to do it in a seperate tank? I would be using dry rock that's never seen water or life rock not sure which one yet. Any advice is appreciated.


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There's a likely a lot of beneficial stuff on your rock I wouldn't want to get rid of. SOme of the rock might be taken out and cleaned and hosed off with tapwater to kill everything but I'd try to save as much as possible. You might try using steel straws to scrap and siphon out the anthelia on at lest some of the rock. The remaining tissue could be killed by judiciously applying H2O2 to the spot.

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