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Hi everybody.

Just logged last week, thanks to Mario from Manhattan Aquariums. This guy has been very kind with me. I visited the shop 2 weeks ago, and passed by last saturday evening. He proposed me to apply here to be able to go at the Manhattan reefs frag swap. I had a great time there. It is very interesting to compare what's in here and there. You are very found of chalice as we don't really. I admit you get great colorfull pi?ces. I also love your zoanthus and ricordeas. We have here a lot of SPS and LPS but you get the best ones, especially the "multi colored" ones (strawberry shortcake etc.) that I love!
Talking about fish, we always use the scientific names and you the common names (same for corals...).

I've been aquarist for a decade now, starting from fresh water to reproducing discus and african cichlids. It is actually what I miss the most salt water, besides kudernis: reproduction.

My main tank is in the living room, previously a fresh water one... It has been running salty for almost 4 years now. Started with only live rocks for 3 months before getting anything in. Technically it is a 100 gallons, 1.5m long. Light is 2x250W hallides and 4x54 neons (Giesemann) with a tiny sump Under the tank just big enough to hold the Blau skimmer and a carbon reactor, plus the pump. About 50 gallons changed every 2 weeks.

You can find some more videos in my channel about tanks and diving.

I also have another tank in the basement, that is more like a FO, just a few soft corals, 2m long (150+25+70 gallons all together).

Looking forward to reading you.


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