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approved group buy for reef will begin on 6/28/12 and run through 07/06/12. This will allow enough time for order to be filled and shipped to me for 7/11/12.

Anyone interesting in ordering can do so directly through the website. Specify the MR group buy and shipping will show up free when you make your payment. If the GB does not reach 250- a shipping fee will be attached.

Your order will be shipped to my home in Roseland, NJ (Essex county). The scheduled delivery date is 07/11/12. I am not going to deliver anyones order to them. If someone from NY would like to pickup all the NY orders and distribute to everyone else thats great, let me know how you decide to work that out. I would not be able to hold orders either. Pick up on 11th!

i have ordered from reef cleaners a few times and always been pleased. If for some reason you have a problem with livestock when you pickup, disputes and/or concerns should be addressed directly with company. any questions or if i left something out feel free to PM.

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