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To all,

First let me say that the warm welcome buy Josh and his fiance was unsurpassed by any welcome I have ever seen for a bunch of guys who don't know each other - Josh/Trana thanks so much for hosting, puttin on a warm welcome, and, more importantly, doing it on a weekend when I am sure you have tons of wedding plans to make.

It was also good to meet you all - I have posted new pictures under the houseofha gallery - Dallas, you can see how well the shrooms are doing already -thanks a ton and I will keep my eyes on the reds.

Now for the topic - Please take amoment to post here your satisfaction with the order. And, please, if you have an opportunity, take advantage of the rating and comments section under WWW Stores. I am sure Patrick is looking for feedback and how happy everyone was.

Thanks again to everyone who decided to participate in this group order. Everyone was prompt with their payments, coureous, and, all in all, nice to meet everyone.

Thaks again - Jim

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