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you knoiw it's very dence right? also it very frequently contains mantis shrimp.

are you looking for cured or uncured? is this for a tank that already exists? Just curious


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Hey Rupe,

Yea, I know it is pretty dense. That is why I only need a little bit. I kind of want to get a bit of everything.

I already have 5 pound of Tonga Rock and about 12 pounds or Premium Fiji. I just saw all the wonderful colors on som of that Florida rock and wouldn't mind buying a bit off somone. I'm looking for cured, but un-cured would be ok too as long as I could save some of the life on it.

Hmmm....Did I post this thread in the wrong place?

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rebels23 i think rupert was trying to say that 10 pounds of florida rock isnt very much.

For example if you buy 10 pounds of fiji you will get enough to fill a 10 gallon tank but if you buy 10 pounds of florida rock youll only fill it half way.

just wanted to point that out because it seemed liek you had it backwards buy maybe you know the method to yoru own madness.

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