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This is from Garf website:

Hello, This is LeRoy. It is August 18. Sally Jo and I are worried that many reef aquariums were hurt by the recent power outage. If you have a reef that crashed or that was set back we are offering 2 pounds of FREE GARF GRUNGETM so you can bring your system back to life. Please call 208-344-6163 so we can send you the same thing we add to any reef system that we want to bring back to health. Your FREE GARF GRUNGETM will be the very best thing you can use to restart your live sand and live rock.

I've never used it but it's suppost to be good and it's free except for the shipping.



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how much is shipping, if its just a normal 8-10 bucks then thats cool but if its a 30-40 dollar overnite charge theni dont think its really worth it

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