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I am trying to get an idea of how monay people would be interested in DIY MH ballasts for 70w or 150w double ended electronic ballasts. Made by Hatch transformer these are the absolutely best ballasts I have ever seen. Prices are as follows for me ...
70w upto 20 ballast $52.95 @unit
150w upto 20 ballast $90.00 @ unit
these are the best prices I can possibly find on ANY DE ballast let alone one that has the same features of a 200 dollar ballast from "hobbyist" sources. Please get back to me if interested with amount and style. Also please give a phone # so I can contact you. I am not a saleman nor representitive of this company, I am merely a hobbyist who is very upset with the outrageous prices "hobbyist" vendors charge people whom enjoy this hobby.

Thanks, Dan


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Hi nanodan,

Let me know if i can help you out or not.

I cant get 70Watt HQI ballasts but i can get the 150's for $105 each for 6 or less and if you order more then 6 i can bring it down to $93. Its a couple of dollars more but you dont have to order as many

They are coralvue ballasts www.coralvue.com

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