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staten island
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hey anyone interested in:
live rock 70-80#
8-10 big hairy shrooms
striped shrooms
large acro
encrusting green monti cap
large orange monti cap
encrusting lettuce sps
med frog spawn
large anthelia
large candycane
mad candycane
green and orange zoos
2-3 poloyps of polypothas
hammer coral
46g aga bowfront
digital therm w/temp control
digital light timer
bakpac skimmer
2 heaters
brine hatchery kalk 2 part alk cal
1pfo mogul based pendant
1pfo ballast
10k ushio bulb
pfo double ended hqi mini pendant
hqi ballast
10k hqi bulb
2 pfo hanging kits
six line wrasse
clown goby
any other snails crabs sand etc..
so far the guy wants 800$
but must be picked up in conn.
i just have to wait for the guy to e-mail me to get more info location and what not but i still would need people to tell me what they want and how much they are puttin in$$ we'll have to figure out the details after we get a few people
i have'nt done the math to see what would be reasonable for people to put in to split like i would like the pfo mini pendant these are 100 brand new i don't need the bulb or ballast i would also like to get a couple frags from the acro and green and orange cap the corals are real big in the pic plenty to go around but i can't see paying 100$ for it ya know it depends on how many are interested i total up 14 med to large corals to split up and a ton of dry equip even if its 8 people thats 100 each and everyone could walk away with a good deal


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Hey Jamey, sounds awesome. I would like about 20lbs. of live rock, the zoos, frag of the monti caps, bta (if its a rose

It might be easier if you ask the guy to sell everything individually and have him list the prices here.

But i'm in, anyone else?


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staten island
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he only has the tank/stand digtherm/digi timer 150$ and the 250w mh se bulb and pendant 180$ everything else is sold he just didn't bother to update his original post sorry people

Joe V.

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hey Jamey, thanks again for the sand ...

So, I'm interested in the bakpak, 10k ushio any rock or sand ... are the above gone ...
Let me know ....


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staten island
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yeah its gone the only things left are the tank and 1 250 w metal halide single ended light,bulb and ballast for 150$ you said you have a 125G if i were you i'd get it its a great deal at 150 you may be able to get it for 125$ look up the guy at reef central his screen name is dazed1 check the lighting equiptment forum

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