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SO....... I'd love to go in on a group buy from inlandaquatics.com but don't know how many or if any would be interested. Basically I'd like to do a group buy to help offset shipping charges. My interest in macro algae brought me to this site and I think it's pretty good.

I've contacted them and they do offer lot pricing but no deals like free shipping on orders over such and such an amount. I wasn't given details on which or how much regarding lot items. If there is a lot of interest we could find out. Depending on the interest maybe we can bargain a small discount, like 2%-3%, who knows.

The website is fairly outdated with regards to their prices and inventory. I was given a 'work in progress' price list which the manager at Inland said is pretty rough but looks pretty good to me. Realistically we'd have to come up with an order and get a price quote per item.

The website offers some organization if you just want to browse. The price list is actually over 1000 lines on an excel sheet and it is organized by section, but there is no table of contents (I haven't even scrolled through half of it but using the 'find' function is really helpful). Happily they include many scientific names.

To download go here:

We would have to ship to one location, I'm off on Fridays and Saturdays in Midwood-ish Brooklyn. I'm not sure how easy that would be for some but I'm not opposed to going to another collection site (since I'm mainly interested in the algae). If there's enough interest we can discuss this further.


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I've ordered from them before and highly recommend. I received a large green monti 4" cap for about $30 and their flora kit is awesome. Their Gracilaria (sp?) is actually the type that grows fast and the ochtodes is awesome. And no I don't have any for sale.:tongue1:

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