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New Guidelines for Group Buys - Please Read

As you might have noticed Manhattan Reefs is growing, and with growth comes change. We'd like to take this opportunity to clarify the guidelines for organizing a Group Buy and introduce some new rules that will aid in the planning and execution for the organizer and all participating members.

Group Buy Rules:

Manhattan Reefs does not permit Group Buys without Administration approval prior to posting. Manhattan Reefs is not responsible for the organization of any Group Buy or Split Shipping posted in this forum unless otherwise stated by the administration of MR. The Group Buy forum is only provided as a convenience to site members. Any issues should be handled between the group buy participants, group buy organizer and vendor. Any and all issue threads will be deleted.

Organizers are NOT PERMITTED to represent Manhattan Reefs. Any member that has been confirmed by the seller as representing Manhattan Reefs in any way during a Group Buy without permission of MR Administration may be subject to suspension or permanent removal from the site.

Group buys and split/shared shipping threads must state the following in the 1st Post of the Group Buy Thread: who is organizing the group buy, where pick up is going to be, Vendor name of the group buy supplier, breakdown of what the group buy will include as far as pricing or possible discounts and shipping cost.

Group Buys meet the following criteria:

  • More than 1 member of MR is involved in the purchase
  • The organizer is one of the participants
  • No profit is being made by the organizer or any other member.
  • All discounts, shipping charges, freebies, etc are shared by all participants and must be clearly noted in the group buy thread.
  • All freebies must be distributed equally among group buy members or can be sold to either offset the cost of the group buy for all members or proceeds may be donated to MR. A list of these free items must be posted in the group buy thread and the participants will have the final say as to what is done with them. Freebie items that are sent from the Vendor and labeled for specific people in the group buy are exempt from this and should go to those that they are intended for.

Manhattan Reefs reserves the right to adjust or change these rules as needed in order to protect the integrity of the site.

If you would like to organize a Group Buy you must do the following:
Contact any Moderator via Private Message and provide the following information:
1- Name of Group Buy organizer
2- Name of company/vendor goods will be ordered through inlcuding the name of the person you have contacted there
3- Start and end date for ordering
4- Expected delivery date
5- Tentative location for pick up/delivery of GB items
6- Pricing (if a single item), discounts if any apply, and shipping cost

Wait for a reply from a Moderator (usually with 24 hours)
If the Group Buy is authorized, you will be given instructions on how to start your thread.
If the Group Buy is declined, you will be given a reason why it was deemed ineligible.
If it was for lack of information (for example: you didn't include the start/end dates) you may re-submit the corrected information to your Group Buy Moderator.

Any Group Buy threads posted that do not adhere to the rules above will immediately be deleted from the MR site.

Thank you!
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