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Montclair, NJ
Organizer: Domboski

Pick Up Location(s): Manhattan (22nd & 7th) or New Jersey (Iselin / Woodbridge)

Vendor: Sachs Aquaculture: Sachs Aquaculture offers both freshwater and marine aquaculture goods. I have used SA for rotifers, live mysis, phyto, macroalgae, dried feeds, fiddler crabs and culture kits. Paul Sachs is very generous and easy to deal with. If you are thinking about an item and have questions, feel free to shoot'em my way.

Links (Prices):

Saltwater Inverts (pods, mysis, rotifers, etc)

Saltwater Verts (feeder fish, seahorses)

Algae / Plants (Phyto, ulva, caulerpa & FW plants)

Dried Feeds (plankton, shrimp meal, spirulina, flake food, etc)

Freshwater Inverts (rotifers, daphnia, etc)

Freshwater Verts (fish)

End Date: All orders Need to be posted within this thread by 10:00PM, Sunday February 15th.

Pick Up Date / Expected Delivery Date: February 20th. If you need to make arrangements for P/U after Feb. 20th please do so in advance or your money will not be refunded if your order perishes.

Discounts: Shared shipping costs

MISC Information: All payments must be made to me via PayPal in ADVANCE of the order placement on Feb. 15th plus the 2.9% +.30 PayPal fee. The fee will be made up by the savings in shipping. I'm conducting the group by this way so I can easily refund money should an issue arise. I will then deal with SA directly.


Domboski: 100 Live Mysis Shrimp, 1 pound powdered plankton feed & Rotifers PAID Picked Up
Josh: Taking a share of Domboski's Live Mysis & 30 Amphipods Trade Picked Up
Euroreefer: 200 Live Mysis PAID Picked Up
dnreef: 30 Amphipods & 100 lot of mysis PAID Refunded 5% Picked Up

charlie1225:Copepods PAID Refunded 5% Picked Up
Bob 1000: 100 lot of live mysis PAID
Sumbub: 500 mls copepods, 200 mysis shrimps & 60 amphipods PAID Refunded 5% Picked Up

Fish Finder: 30 Amphipods, 100 lot of mysis and 100 copepods PAID Refunded 5%
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No Coral Here
Montclair, NJ
It really depends on the size of the refugium. If you only have a small fuge (a gallon or less) I would only add copepods. A refugium larger than 1 gallon I'd also add amphipods. For larger fuges (5+ gallons) I'd add copepods, amphipods and mysis. Mysis and Amphipods are good at surviving in a DT tank too. If you add them at night when your lights are off they will find their way into rock crevices where they can hide and reproduce. If you shine a flashlight in my live rocks at night you wouldn't believe the quantity of mysis living in the crevices.


Advanced Reefer
I need the following:

500 mls copepods
200 mysis shrimps
60 amphipods

If you can PM me the PP info. I'll pay for immediately. Thanks!


No Coral Here
Montclair, NJ
The order is paid for. We ended up with a total discount of 10%. 5% was based on total cost. The other 5% was a throw in of the heated box and shipping supplies. Besides the monetary savings I was told that everyone's orders were "beefed up".

Since the order is arriving Friday, it will be delivered to my apartment on 22nd and 7th in Manhattan. Shoot me a PM and let me know when you are planning to pick up.

Those of you who paid via PayPal you have already received the 5% discount refunded to you :). Those who paid cash I will give you the 5% when you pick up.

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