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Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am pleased to announce a Maxspect LED Fixture Group Buy that will run through May 31st, 2010. I will update this post later with specs, pics, links to reviews, etc. but the info everyone wants to know is posted below. Here are the details - the same as the GB that SFVR.org ran:

Maxspect will send out PayPal e-invoices to buyers separately. Once the item has been shipped, an email with the tracking number will be sent to the buyer so they can track their package which will arrive at your house in about 7-10 days. Sales support will be included along with the 18 month warranty. ****Note: All price listed below include shipping.****

G2-180w: (15.7?x7.0?x1.8?)
N/A - discontinued due to heat dissipation issues

G2-160w: (15.7?x7.0?x1.8?)
Web store US$ 580 each
Group buy US$ 510 each

G2-110w: (15.7?x7.0?x1.8?)
Web store US$ 440 each
Group buy US$ 400 each

G2-170w: (31.5?x7.0?x1.8?)
Web store US$ 760 each
Group buy US$ 670 each

G2-230w: (31.5?x7.0?x1.8?)
Web store US$ 982 each
Group buy US$ 810 each



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Click here for a good discussion on tech specs and unit recommendations based upon tank size.

Reserved for purchaser's list:
• Me
• greenstreet.1
• macropora

• baja170

Responses to member's questions:

1. Yes please also refer to SFVR forum for the LED bulb prices, these are prices that include the bulb, the proprietary Maxspect "star" PCB, and the 3-pin connectors that allow the "plug-and-play" replacement of bulbs. No soldering required.

2. Technically yes, users can buy additional bulbs and replace the bulbs themselves to fine tune the white:blue ratio. By default there won't be any "custom-made" versions as it'll increase the costs of the fixtures.

3. Only G1-60w is available - there is no G2-60w and no plan to make them. Here's the technical information on the G1-60w:
Here's the GB pricing on 60w model.

GB price - US$190 including shipping
Here's some information regarding the G1-60w:

  • No separate timer control on blue/white LED.
  • The new G1-60w will have 2x 3w violet LED like in the G2's.
  • Standard issue mounting option is the original glass panel clip mount. The hanging kit is also provided but not the rail frame.
  • No moonlight LEDs
4. I'd suggest a 160w for the Solana 34 and yes, it would fit.

5. The rail frame is adjustable and expendable, the max span for the rail assembly for all fixtures is approx. 32".
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Additional info:

PAR reading - there have been several posts with PAR reading on the fixtures, you can refer to the Maxspect thread for more details, http://www.reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1767811

In general, here're some PAR reading of different models (roughly):

- measurement is # of inches under water (0" = water surface).
- I'm only counting the # of white LED here, please refer to the spec sheet for details on number/type/color of bulbs listed in item #3:

230w - uses 4x 30w LED with the rest 3w LED, but spread out so generally it's like 2x 160w models.
160w - uses 2x 30w LED with the rest 3w LED.
Recommended for tanks over 20" tall.
0" 1100-1200 PAR
3" 600-700 PAR
10" 300-400 PAR
20" 150-250 PAR

170w - uses only 3w LED, ideal for shallow tanks over 36" wide.
110w - uses only 3w LED, ideal for shallow tanks 18-24" wide
Recommended for tanks within 20" tall.
0" 900-1100 PAR
3" 500-600 PAR
10" 200-300 PAR
20" 100-150 PAR

Click here for the link to the SFVR Group Buy thread,


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In the second post, at the top, is a link to a good article with specs and sizing recommendations. BTW, I think that the recommended height from the water is 4-5". That high and you will get very little light penetration.
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