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Hey MR's that time of year again, a couple of months after the swap and a couple of months before the next one.'s time for a group buy!!! Tina from Wet Thumb Frags is hooking us up with a great deal on her frags. She has a LOT of nice new stuff!!! Respond on this thread...Tina will make it easy for us, as usual. She has some very nice new SPS, as well as LPS, zoas, etc.

Here's an idea of what Tina is offering:

Take a few minutes to check out the site, there is some really nice stuff there.

There will be discounted prices specifically for this group buy, and we will post them as soon as get details from Tina. If you are interested, respond here. If you have already ordered, we can add your order to the group buy, just let Tina know.

Cut off date for orders is June 15th, 2010. Pick-up will be in Long Island City, at my place, right outside the Queens Midtown tunnel and on the border of Queens and Brooklyn. If anyone else wants to volunteer to distribute in another borough, let us know.

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WT Inc

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HI Gang!!
i just want to put in some info about how easy it is to do GB with us.
Just in case some of you might not be familiar with the way we do GB.

so here you go:

Just Follow this steps:
1) go to our site , buy whatever you want when check out , select " Local /show pick up" option so you dont get charged for Shipping . We offer 20% discount right now until the end of June, so dont forget to enter " maysale20 " at check out .Everyone pays for their own purchases directly at our site which is NO hassle for organizer at all. No one has to deal with collecting money, you can order at your own convenience at any time before the shipping date. If you have any questions, pm me.

2) There will be a message box for you to put message in , please put in " Group buy with name of GB leader " So we know which GB you belong to , this in case, you can just put MR with Chraddam.

3) you can come back and repeat the same procedure as often as you like , you can buy one piece at a time if you like. Just to repeat the the message box that your order is with GB –Name of GB leader and if its your second ,third order you can indicate that too .

i will keep track of all your orders.
When we ship , Every one's order will be bagged separately with invoices and with their name on the bags so there wont be any confusion, GB organizer just simply hand the bags to you!! ! Easy as that!. We have done GB this way and so far every GB we have done love it this way because its easy for everyone .

Just a quick note, i will be adding more pics of Amazing acroporas on our site this sunday.
Steve Tyree Lime and Sky acro
Greg C. Ultimate Blue sky acro
Tyree LE Green jacket acro
Our WT Blue Flame acro ( pending )
Only a few of each will be available.
plus many more.

thank you guys!!

WT Inc

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cool, btw, when you place an order, please post in here .

also forgot to mention, i will also list WWC caption america polyp, Vivid Rainbow polyps, ATL red acropora, can not think of others right now but i say sat night or sunday morning i should have them listed . Thank you)

WT Inc

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Not necessary Kenny, i will post them here before we ship .Thank you very much for your order!!!
i will be posting a lot more stuffs this weekend ( just taking a little break from taking pics hehee ).

WT Inc

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interested in this thread. I need to get my tank started haha. but I need to confirm with knugenx since the other location is far

LOL , get your tank going !! , first location is at jeff's for sure but if the GB gets big like last time, we have no problem doing two location just want to let you know first but you guys have to decide ( do poll ) later on .
i am very easy to work with .

here are sample of some of the pics i will post tonight or tomorrow!

Tyree LE -Greg C Ultimate stag ( WYSWYG piece )

Tyree LE -Green Jacket Acro ( BIG frag )

Red Purple Eater --ok i forgot the person's name but someone pm'd me today wanting to see another pic of this Red PE , i just took pic of this one so here you go. hope you see it. All of them are nice and they all are Farmed polyps.

ORA Bird of Paradise

Tyree Lime and Sky acro ( will be WYSWYG frag )

ATL Red table




Pot of Gold Favia

Baby Breath Favia

Tyree Miami Hurricane

Our New LE Tyree Eye of Ewok favia
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