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GroupBuy at http://www.wetthumbfrags.net/

They have some amazing SPS right now and as always great LPS, Zoas and Fish. I have been eying some milleporas and a snowflake clown and am ready to order. I figure you guys can benefit from my free shipping. Here are the rules...

1. Pick up is Saturday, Dec. 4th in Bay Ridge Brooklyn. 75th Street Between 5th and 6th Avenue. (5 mins from R train 77th st stop)

2. Pay on the site and select " show/local " pick up so you don't get charged shipping ...also put " Manhattan GB and your screen-name" in the message box. Please PM me or post here so I know who is in on this.

3. Use code "manhattan" for an additional 10% off. Tina will be putting on a big holiday sale soon (this is in addition to our 10%)

4. I am sure there will be a few people from all around the city so you can arrange drop-offs as more people get involved. If the # of people necessitates more than 1 box and Tina is cool with it, we can arrange another box to go to another member's house if you all want, just PM me first about it. :)


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I'm offering my Manhattan office as an optional pickup site if a second box is to be delivered. So what you waiting for!

Addy for pickup (only if a second box is delivered) is in lower Manhattan: 128 Mott Street, 10013

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