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Chris at ReefKoi is providing special pricing for our MR Group Buy - here are the details:
I can do a group buy, no minimum and yes you could use it for any of the fixtures I could do like a 10% off sale so $269 on the 120w and $399 on the 200w 2G and $449 on the 200w 3G and $180 on the 60w UFO.

Once the buy closes, it would then take about 10 days to get them here into the US.

I could ship to individuals but if a few of them can combine I can reduce the shipping cost a little bit too.
This will run through the end of the month. Shipping is $9 per unit and he has the mounting brackets for $15 each. Check out the fixtures here.

Pls see post #46 for instructions if you wish to participate in the Group Buy - thx.
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hi guys sorry I havent been here to answer questions : so many forums so little time ;)

as far as color goes, the 1G all come in black, the 2G come in black and the 3G are in white only at this time.

a 36" wide tank can be lit with a 100w or 120w if its shallow like 18" or less then if 24"+ use a 200w unit.

email me for faster response too if you have any questions or need a paypal invoice for the special GB pricing ok!

[email protected]

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difference between the 2g and 3g is big.

2g is larger 27" x 5.5" x 2.5"...
3g is smaller but wider 19” x 8.2” x 2.75

[all info from and also from speaking with chris]

also on the 3g the leds are replaceable because they plug in, cords are removable and a few other things that i cannot remember but im sure chris will answer all your q's. i know they both have a wide coverage.

i personally would go with the 3g for the simple fact the leds can be replaced without sending the unit for repair. [obviously if your handy and if warranty permits. youll have to ask chris]

if you look at the picture below you will see a picture of a unit. the black border around the 2g is larger. The 3g is sleeker with a smaller border.
for example ...
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I asked the guy at reefkoi for pics of 14k and 20k and here they are just in case anyone else wanted to see.


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