Hi all... I'm new to all this and have some great mushrooms growing in my tank that I would love to propagate, but I hate to cause anything pain. Is it painful to these animals to cut them? If so, I guess I'll just have to be patient and let them reproduce on their own. Thanks for any advice. Saff


I do not know if they feel pain, but they recove quickly and 'shrooms are a good coral to start propagating. I say go for it. Once you get the hang of that you can move on to others.
Your mushrooms should reproduce rapidly on their own. Just keep your water pristine, and good lighting and they'll spread like mad. Mine just keep spliting underneath. I started out with 6 blue mushrooms and 6-months later I have like 28.


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Corals and most animals do not feel pain the way humans feel pain. Coral propagation is humane. :) Hope that puts your heart at ease.


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*Dramatic violin music plays*
Does it hurt, boy?

No, boss. I can't feel nothin'.

You're gonna make it, 'shroom, you'll be alright, you'll see!


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I'm sure it doesn't hurt. After all it doesn't have a brain... it will panic a bit: lost half of me... but it will recover in no time.

Ocyurus - that's some AWESOME avatar... what's that?


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