Beautiful Marianas Shipment in


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Tenafly, NJ
We were lucky enough to get in a beautiful shipment of fish last week.

Some highlights:
True Shepard Angels (Males & Females)
Luteus Cardinals
Archamia Cardinals
Five Line Cardinals
Blue Eye Cardinals
Iridescent Cardinals
Blue Blanquillo Show Size
Striped & Network Dragonface Pipefish
Metallic Earmuff Wrasse (these are a blue/pink color, not the normal pink Indo-Pacific ones)
Trimaculatus Wrasse
True Katherine Wrasse Pairs
Tracey Damsels
Sapphire Pavo Damsels
Green Chromis (tiny-large)
Yellow Scopas Tangs
Yellow Tangs
Pyramid Butterflies
Flame Hawks
Whiptail Pentapodus


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