Nano Stock, tons of Corals, Clams, Rare fish


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Tenafly, NJ
Lots of nano stuff like Trimma/Eviota Gobies, Pike Blennies, Sailfin Blennies, Pederson's Shrimp, Prima Shrimp, Anemone Crabs, Dracula Gobies, Cherub Angels, Network Pipefish, Seminole Gobies, Banner Goby Pairs, Captive Bred Mandarins, White Cap Goby Trio, Sexy Shrimp & tons more

Rare fish like Joculator Angelfish, Alleni Sandsifting Goby (first time in the US!) Scribbled Angels, Marginalis Butterflies, Lennardi Wrasse, Sailfin Jawfish, Biserialis Wrasse, Frenchii Hogfish, Cuban Hogs, Peppermint Hogs, Purple Tusk, Orangeback Bass, Belted Basslet, Linespot Triggers, Purple Rhinopias, etc

Clams ranging from Maxima to Teardrop Ningaloo to Squamosa

Corals we just got a killer Australian shipment - Zoas, Acros, Chalices, Leathers, Wilsonis, Mini Scolys, Torches, Hammers, Blastos, Spider Sponges, Trachys, lots of other LPS like Plates, Cynarinas, Duncans, Hammers, Frogspawns, Elegance, Lobos.

Some oddball inverts like Aussie Sea Apples, Red Glabrous Mantis Shrimp, Ghost Cave Shrimp, Harlequin Shrimp Pairs, Purple Hermit Crabs, Scarlet Hermits, Halloween Hermits, Heart Urchins, Tropical Abalone, XL Cucumbers, Money Cowries

Dry goods wise we have a 40g C-vue Cobalt tank setup as well as a 30g AIO Waterbox Shallow with Aqamai lights & pumps.