New Corals & Fish - Rare Shrooms & Zoas


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Tenafly, NJ
We just got back from a couple collection trips, loaded with all sorts of corals and fish.

Fish in stock:
Marjorie Fairy Wrasse
Joculator Angel Pair
Scribbled Angel Changing Male
True Personifer Angel
Mueller Butterfly 3-4"

Baja Horn Shark
Pearly Jawfish
Pink Streak Wrasse
Flaming Prawn Goby
3-4" Blue Hippo Tangs
Melanurus Wrasse
Magma Wrasse
Multifasciatus Angel

Orangeback Basslet

Lots of Acans - Lords, Echinatas, Bowerbanks, Maximas
Mushrooms - Bounces, Deadpools, Eclectus, Candy Crush, Kryptonites, Red Devil

Ricordea florida & yuma

Zoas - Master Kraks, Rastas, Space Panthers, Fairy Tales, Fruit Loops, Jamba Juice etc

Gonis/Alveos - Orange, Red, Yellow, Green

Crazy Favias/Chalice/Platygyra/Lobos/Goniastrea/Oulophyllia
Trachys & Wellsos

Mini Scolys
Master Scolys
Hammers & Torches
Elegance pink tip, blue tip & gold tip

Blastomussa - wellsi, vivida & merletti

Blue & Yellow Duncans

Photosynthetic Sea Fans
Ultra Plates - Red, Orange, Blue

Japanese Toadstools
Palau Green Nepthea

Japanese Kenya Tree
Silk Coral

Orange Barbattoia

Symphyllia wilsoinis

Ocellated Cuttlefish
Peppermint Shrimp
Cleaner Shrimp
Blood Shrimp
Tuxedo Urchins
Orange Slipper Lobsters

5-6" Derasa Clams
Emerald Crabs