Xmas & Hawaiian Shipments + Acan Frags


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Tenafly, NJ
We got a few really nice fish from Hawaii & Christmas Islands

Earmuff Wrasse Pair
Golden Dwarf Moray Eels
Orangetail Emperor Angel
Bartlett Anthias
Four Line Wrasse
Small Black Tang
Small & Medium Chevron Tangs
Blue Eye Yellow Bristletooth Tang
Yellow Eye Kole Tangs
Goldflake Angel
Golden Puffer
Red Lip Cleaner Wrasse
Lemonpeel Mimic Tang
Hawaiian Feather Dusters
Red Stripe Flame Angels
Jumbo Flame Angel
Misbarred Flame Angel
Clown Trigger

Corals we have a couple hundred Acan frags ultra grade ready to go - lots of nice colors,


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