Snail identification

Actinic Atoll

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Looks like a Trochus snail, a good one to have breed.

My tank recently went through a huge bloom of them, probably had over a thousand small ones. Thought I was going to be a millionaire lol. The population has since receded, though I still have way more then I started with, they are just small.

I still wouldn't mind getting a tank going, just to see if I can raise some of them. The thought was to raise them in the dark to rid them of algae then move them to a tank heavily seeded with coralline, to get them coated with a nice purple crust.

At the very least with a bit of luck you will have a perpetual harvest of Trochus for your own tank, which is nice because these ones cost a little more then the Astrea snails. About $5 around here.
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