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Hey everyone, I'm new to marine aquariums, and I'm from Decatur. I was wondering where everyone got their live rock around here? I've bought some from Broadway Aquatics, The Pet Store, and Petware House, but they are all really expensive. I was thinking about getting some from ebay, but I'm unsure, I'm just tempted because of the free shipping, but I also figured that it was just UPS ground, but I don't know. I only have about 6 lbs of live rock right now, and probably about 50lbs of baserock (which was live rock at one time, I bought the tank used but he shut it down about 8 months ago) I was just wondering about how much more I need, and so on.

Tank Specs:
Bi-level reef shelf I built
~50 base rock
~6lbs live rock
140lbs Oldcastle sand
20lbs live sand
2 powerheads
125 Aqua Clear Aquatics wet/dry (w/ pre-filter and built in skimmer)
2-40 watt 48in bulbs (1 trichromatic/1 18,000K)
2-VHO bulbs in the mail w/ballast
Oh yeah, its a 75 gallon

Oh, and when should I start adding fish/etc I've had it running nearly a week, which I know isn't long enough, just wondering though


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Sorry took so long to reply. I would have to say the best place to get your rock is Premium Aquatics in Indy. Its an 1.5 drive down and you can pick out what you want. 90% of my LR came from them.. I highly recommend them. Local places are wanting 8-9 bucks a pound which is insane. Save your money for lighting and a good skimmer...*L*



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Midwest Corals in Elkhart is a great place. A heck of a lot closer than Indy but I've always wanted to visit Premium Aquatics.

Midwest Corals is impressive.

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