Time to move on


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Hey, I joined reefs.org over 8 years ago.
Was one of the founding members of the industry forum and had an opportunity of meeting members of the forum and exchanging emails and lengthy telephone calls during that time.
Learned a hell of a lot here and went on several trips to south-east Asia saw the fisherman to export side of industry.
Had many great debates here and enjoyed them.
Unfortunately this forum has changed into another version of the sump with nothing constructive happening any more.
So, it is time to say goodbye.
Thank you for the opportunity of allowing me to express my views.
Thank you for enlightening me on many aspects of the industry.
Wayne Ryan


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Early line as follows:

Moves on and never comes back: 50/1
Moves on briefly then returns: 30/1
Uses this issue as a crying out for support: 15/1
Drags this goodbye on for 10+ pages: 9/2
Is back in full force in less than 30 days: 1/2


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Hasn't he promised to go away before? If I had more time to waste, I'd sift through some old posts...

Caterham - put my $5 on "Moves on Briefly then Returns"... at 30/1 I'll take that bet. Define "briefly"... more than 30 days, I presume? (Since you have a separate bet for that option).

Unfortunately, I doubt we'll be so lucky that he really moves on and never returns.

I think there's decent odds that he'll run it on for 10 pages. But then again now he may not, out of spite.

I doubt he'll stay away too long though. He can't help himself :) 8 years and nothing is new.



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Thanks so much for your contributions to this thread.

Unfortunately, with absolutely zero past or current involvement in the trade of marine ornamentals there are some folks here is this community that might take your comments somewhat lightly.

I respect your efforts and hope that you continue to stay involved. All good teams have people cheering for them on the sidelines, out of play.

Warmest regards


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vitz":23mtxeve said:
if he leaves, can i come back ?

Why did you leave again? We miss you in the sump too. Israel needs another waterboy down there... :wink:


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Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya. However, I doubt you are leaving for good.. we all return at somepoint. :roll: