New Reefer
Just added a new BTA. using drip acclimation over 2 hrs. then placed in middle of tank on rock . I turned of one 54watt 10000k T-5 bulb when I added it leaving 2 54 atinic bulbs and 1 54watt 10000k bulbs. at night it opens up about half way, then in morning when lights come on in closes up. It is now day 7 in tank and still staying closed when light turn on. Trying to change locations to a lower part of tank, but it is too attatched to rock.I have 55 gal long reef tank and am worried about other corals and using less light Polyps, brain, flower pot coraline algae. How long should the BTA take to acclimate?

One great thing is my tomato clown took to the BTA on the second day and looks so happy.

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