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Ok so i have my Decorator crab in my tank..Also a Bahama Starfish and a Fuzzy purple crab kinda looks like a stone crab..I got him at a pet store CHEAP cause he was a hitchhiker on some live rock.
Now they have been fine..but just tonight this hairy crab decided to try and eat my decorator. He pulled all but 1leg off and 1 pincer. I already got this mean crab out and in a bucket. So will my decorator be able to regrow his legs or is this just to much damage done to him. He cant move all that well now since the leg and pincer are on the same side.

Looks like this Purple crab is now going to become my octopus food


All members of the Order: Decopoda (your decorator crab is a member) will regrow limbs through molting as long as it can still manage to move around enough to receive nourishment.



New Reefer
yea he moves around..not all that fast or anything..but he seems to be feeding fine. he is hanging out on a live rock now having some food. I have caged off the gorilla crab and it cannot get to him anymore

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