hi there,
i just read that crispas can live indefinately?
i quite like symbiotic relationships and plan to keep the anemone and clown pair for as long as i can.
my plan is to set up a 3ft tank with 2 x 150w MH's, having the anemone on one side under one MH and the other side a bommy with SPS.
knowing this anemone grows to 50cm in the wild will a 36x18x20 be enough room for what i have planned?
just read to leave at least a foot (12 inches) space around the anemone which i can do but am more so interested in how long people have kept them and if they have gotten that big in aquariums?
thing is i have moved my anemone and it doesn't like the spot and has slightly moved enough to sting some acro frags which are bleaching rapidly.
so questions are,
how long has anyone kept one for?
how big is the biggest someone has grown in aquaria?

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