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New york
So I'm looking to upgrade from halides to LED's, and wanted to know if anyone can recommend what type of leds and where I can buy em. How many would I need to efficiently light up a 75 gal mixed reef. And what i would need to make the fixture


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Long Island
I have Acan they are a company based out of long island - built in timers light intensity control etc. they are awesome- i have an sps tank


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Would you guys says its better to go with a company than to DIY a fixture?

I think that depends on how handy you are and how comfortable you are soldering things. Also IMO the ones that are made by a company sometimes look cleaner.

Also if there is a problem with the light and it is DIY who will fix for you, and then you have to worry about taking apart and fixing. It all depends on how much you want to spend and how well you can actually build it on your own.

I could have built my own but I decided to get a factory made one. I am not putting mine in a canopy so I wanted them to have a clean look.