LED Diodes Replacement


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I just noticed there are 7 diodes not working properly in my full spectrum adjustable Chinese LED lights, they are on the blue channel and by not working properly I mean not fully lightened up like the rest of the diodes, plus when the fixture is off they look burnt.
I don't know for sure what kind of color temp these diodes are but I'm suspecting they might be royal blue. As I've mentioned before they are on the blue channel and they are only 7 but the rest are working properly.

Here is a pic of them off, any input will be well appreciated.

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I assume that you are talking about the black ones. They're dead. If you want to do something, I would order a pack of 10 3w leds from ebay, for like $5, and its easy to solder. I have some, so if you want, I can upload a video to show exactly what to do.