HELP! Confused on which lights to go with


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Hey guys, need some help on deciding on which lights to go with. I have been using the Acan102c 48 for the past 3 years and im just not satisfied with them. I have a 90g tank 48 inches wide and 24 deep if im not mistaking. Im debating between 2 hydra 52hd or 2 hydra 26hd or the xr15 or xr30... im looking to go with the best lights possible that will last and perform for the longest time. Im also running a mixed reef and im really lost on what to go with so if anyone can please give me some advice that would be awesome :).

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I've got Radions and like them but Hydra's seem to be a good alternative. I've seen Hydra tanks that look really good.

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Radions are your best bet. I have been using them personally for the past 4 years or so and their performance is unmatched. Not only that, but they are rather easy to take apart/service/upgrade which is a big plus is you want lights that will last a while.