Is this enough light for clams?


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I am getting a 125 gallon tank (72x18x22.5) from a friend. I am going to replace the current PC with MH and would like to know if 2-250w MH would be enough light to keep Crocea Clams? I will have a 3-4 inch DSB Sugar size sand as a base.

I am looking at the XM bulbs (10,000K).

Also, can any recommend any web site besides for a good source/price of MH lights/ballasts?



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You should have no problems keeping clams in the tank with the lighting that you have selected. I am going to assume that you have a good reflector :), and that you will be placing the clams somewhere under the lights since you are using only 2-250s on a 6 ft tank you will have some areas that will be low light for the clams. For a 6 ft tank I would go with 3-250s... unless you plan on arranging the rock and clam placement to go along with the 2 lights.

As for where to get the cheapest deal on XMs... I have no idea. I have not searched for lamp prices. I always thought hellolights had good prices and service.