PFO Ballasts


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Anyone in the class have any experience with PFO Ballasts that they can share with me?

I ran this data from Sanjay's lighting web site for the XM bulb:

Lamp Ballast Shield PPFD CCT Power Volts Amps Efficiency

XM 250W 10000K SE 1 PFO 250W HQI (M80) N 182 9921 374 122 3.27
XM 250W 10000K SE 1 Icecap 250W Electronic N 115 11543 256 123 123 0.4492

It appears the PFO efficiency is slightly better than the Icecap (.4866 vs .4492) and the PPFD is also better (182 vs 115).

Am I interpreting this data correctly?

I am getting a 125g tank (72x18x23.5) and going to replace the current PC 96w whites with 2-250w MH. Everyone seems to be going on the Icecap bandwagon. I don't know much about PFO ballasts. The data is telling me that PFO outperforms Icecap.

And since I am a CSI fan, I go with what the data is telling me. :lol: