Explain LED lighting for SPS


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I am trying to setup my nano reef tank to optimize growth and color for corals, especially SPS.

What looks prettiest so far, is Blue on 100% and white 5%. Is this strong enough for corals in my tank.

To get the settings to optimize growth, do you put mode to all settings with all lights at highest intensity. Or do you go by what shows the corals for the best. I am afraid if the power is less on purple or white, then corals may not do well. I am including the PAR chart and color chart.

My tank is 17.5 inches long by 9 inch wide and 11 inch deep. I have live rock on the lower 3rd of tank, so I can do larger water changes.

I bought an LED light (HyperReef LED Light) 100w. It has modes for All LEDs, Only blue and Only White. So you can make all channels more powerful or less powerful.

Here is the chart:



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Not all light are created equal. U need to rent a par meter or buy one to be sure. Ur tank is small. parameter can change a lot. May not be the best choice to grow SPS, lps on the other hand is more tolerant.

I recommend you go to YouTube check out
brstv. Watch all of it.