Coral Spotlight | Frogspawn Euphyllia


Manhattan Reefs
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Denver, Colorado

Common names: Frogspawn, octospawn, octopus coral, grape coral, honey coral

Difficulty Level: Frogspawn*is generally tolerant, but must have stable alkalinity to survive.

Feeding: Poor feeding response, so must usually be fed with pumps off. Most common foods are small suspension matter including phyto and roti.

Lighting (Level 5 to 7): Most prefer moderate lighting, but will adapt to varying conditions.

Water flow: Medium to lower flow to prevent fleshy polyps from being damaged on rock or skeleton.

Placement:*Frogspawn can be aggressive towards other corals although they generally do well in close proximity to other*euphyllia*corals with the exception of*torch corals.

General: These corals all come in either a wall form or branching form. The branching types may be easily fragged by breaking heads off at the base of the branch. Wall euphyllias and, in general, much more difficult and sensitive to water chemistry.

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