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Denver, Colorado
Common names:*Cyphastrea

Difficulty Level:*Cyphastrea is one of the least light demanding LPS coral and is also very tolerant of most chemical conditions.

Feeding:*Cyphastrea will readily accept most meat based foods that it can grab with its tentacles.

Lighting:*Low light would be overstating the dim conditions cyphastrea is capable of thriving in. Some specimens may even be seen growing on the underside of rocks as they creep up toward the light. Great coral for that shady spot near the bottom of your rocks or even for the back wall of the aquarium.

Waterflow:*Cyphastrea may be grown under a wide range of flow conditions as long as there is enough to keep its flesh free of detritus and other debris.

Placement:*Lower light areas near the bottom of rockwork is usually most suitable although they will readily adapt to more light and higher placement is desired.

General:*Cyphastrea is one of the best starter LPS corals due to its easy to care for nature, bright color patterns and variety of strains

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