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Manhattan Reefs
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Denver, Colorado
Common names:*Hammer coral, anchor coral

Difficulty Level:*Euphyllia*is generally tolerant, but must have stable alkalinity to survive.

Feeding: Poor feeding response, so must usually be fed with pumps off. Most common foods are small suspension matter including phyto and roti.

Lighting (Level 5 to 7): Most prefer moderate lighting, but will adapt to varying conditions.

Water flow: Hammer requires medium to lower flow to insure fleshy polyps are not damaged on rocks or skeleton.

Placement: All of the corals in the*euphyllia*group can be quite aggressive.*Torch*is the most aggressive and should not be placed near other members of the family. Hammer and*frogspawn*will tolerate each other in close proximity.

General: These corals all come in either a wall form or branching form. The branching types may be easily fragged by breaking heads off at the base of the branch.

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