Coral Spotlight | Lobophyllia


Manhattan Reefs
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Denver, Colorado
Common names: open brain coral, lobed brain coral

Difficulty Level: Most species are very tolerant of most conditions though stable alkalinity is a must with all.

Feeding: Lobophyllia are extremely aggressive eaters with very capable tentacles. They will easily catch and consume most food types including frozen, liquid and even pellets. Take care as their feeding aggression can sometimes be taken out on neighboring corals.

Lighting (Level 5 to 8): These corals can adapt to a wide range of lighting, but prefer stronger. As with most LPS take great care when acclimating them to higher lighting to prevent bleaching.

Water flow: Moderate.

Placement: Brain*corals all have some aggressive abilities, but lobophyllia in particular is one of the most aggressive corals. Be sure to give it space and attach it well to the rock to prevent it from falling on other corals.

General: Feeding tentacles usually only come out at night, so it is best to feed with the lights out

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