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  1. Marineland 12

    Hey Guys, anyone here ever make an led retro for for a marineland 12 aquarium?
  2. Dry live rock

    Hey Guys, I am looking for 25lbs or so of dry live rock. Pukani or Figi preferably.
  3. Recommendations for nano led

    Hi Guys and Happy New Year! I am looking for recommendations for a good nano led that is reasonable in price. It's a 18x18x18 cube and want to keep an anemone for my clowns that my awesome friend George gave me for my birthday! Thanks in advance, Andy!
  4. Wtb salt

    Hi Guys, looking to buy salt. Any recommendations on how has sales in Long Island? It's a fish only 12g nano. Thanks in advance all and have a great weekend.
  5. presediment filter for Ro system

    Hi looking to buy a president filter asap. Thought I had a couple and I guess I used them. Need to make some water for Tank evaporation!
  6. 57 or 65 gallon tank

    Hi Guys, I am looking for a 57 or 65 gallon tank for a friend who is looking to get into the hobby. I just want to help him get into this wonderful and beautiful reef world of ours.
  7. 1 inch true union ball or gate valve for Herbie drain

    Hello guys, looking for a 1 inch true union ball valve or gate valve.
  8. 120 gallon peninsula aquarium

    Hi Guys, selling a 120 gallon peninsula aquarium. I can't afford or have the physical ability to set it up. Would make a great room divider which were my plans. I am asking $450.00. Please no low-ball offers. Tank, stand, plumbing and open canopy is what the sale is. It has a low profile...
  9. Merry Christmas, Happy holidays and a Happy New Year

    Merry Christmas, Happy holidays and a Happy New Year to all. Be safe and God bless!
  10. 57 oceanic rimless full setup.

    Hi guys, I am selling my 57g oceanic rimless aquarium. Looking to sell as whole setup. The setup comes with rimless oceanic tank, I am running it with a Herbie system, all plumbing included, ehiem 1260 return pump, swc 160 cone Skimmer, 3 chamber sump, custom stand and hanging canopy with full...
  11. Avast marine ATO

    Hi, looking for an Avast Marine ATO:thrash:
  12. Wtb 110 aquaclear filter

    Hi Guy's, want to buy a 110 aquavlear. Thanks, Andy
  13. Looking for 120g none RR

    Hi guys, looking for a 120g none Reef Ready tank. Thinking about a new project for a room divider with skimmer on side panel, no sump.
  14. Needed 20L gallon aquarium

    Hi Guys, in need of a 20L gallon aquarium. My sump is starting to leak from corner bottom. I am in Freeport NY. Thanks in advance.
  15. Help! Sump is leaking

    Hi Guys, I am in need of a 20L gallon sump or tank. My sump is starting to leak. I am in Freeport NY.