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  1. Getting out of hobby

    80 gallon rr tank and custom stand. 5 bulb aquatinics 5 bulb light asm g1 skimmer. 500 or best offer.
  2. 90 Gallon RR w/corner overflow

    $2000 or best offer Equipment- 48? Aquatinics T5 5 bulb ASM G1 skimmer Mag 9 return Phosban reactor Custom stand Livestock- Pair of clowns Purple Tang Lawnmower Blenny Coral Beauty Spotted Mandarin Blue Damsel Green Serpent starfish Tiger Stripped starfish Red Bubble tip Anemone Various corals
  3. Question

    A while back, there was a group buy for really nice corals, does anyone know the site? All i can remember is coral is part of the web address and the home page always had the date on it.....:iamwithst
  4. Chiller

    Hello all, I am looking to get a chiller before I have fish soup. Anyone know where I can find a good quality, reasonably priced chiller for a 90? I would prefer one that is in-line not one of those drop-in ones.
  5. Anyone interested?

    Going to be getting new lights this week, so I need to sell my current lights: Orbit Extreme PC/ 520w 4bulbs-@ 130w 2 dual actinics 2- dual daylight 6700/10000 all 4 bulbs are 6 mo old. only prob is one of the ballast for the daylights is dead and needs to be replaced, it died about 4 months...
  6. Tell me what you think

    Ok I decided to build my own stand as my other started to fall apart due to water damage. First pic is of the only tools I used less combo square and level. Frame is all 2x4's with 1/2 inch ply shell with 7 coats of poly. The good thing is my Rose anemone that I got from a MR member split into 3!!
  7. Help!!

    I am building my own stand. Tank is up and running and I can't get under to measure the drain locations. Would anyone know the measurements for the drain and return location for a 90g AGA corner overflow? I need to drill holes for them before I can transfer the tank.
  8. Can't find thread

    Hello all, I just started to build my own stand instead of buying one. I saw a stand here, I think a 120 someone built with shelves built in on the side, anyone know who or what link that was?
  9. Wtb: T5 Lights

    I am going to be upgrading to a T5 fixture at the end of January, (yes, it's early, want to get the money together w/o my wife killing me):fishhit: here is what i am looking for: a quality 4' 6 or 8 bulb fixture for my 90g tank w/6-8 quality bulbs, preferably tek lights (from reading here, they...
  10. wanted 55 rr

    hello all, my brother-in-law is looking for a 55 rr tank. pm me if you want to get rid of one.
  11. Lighting question and possible upgrade...

    Hello all, to make a long story short, I am moving and my tank is going along for the ride. It's a 90g rr. I currently have the Orbit Extreme 520wt PC light with the tank sitting in a bay window that gets a ton of direct sunlight for about 4-5 hrs during the morning. The house we purchased...
  12. Need MR expertise

    Need MR expertise P/C or T5? This is my current light fixture: Mine looks different than the picture. It has 4 130w bulbs in now. I want to upgrade to mh, but want a combo fixture that my wife won't kill...
  13. Any Idea Why...

    Anyone know why the fish in my tank would go after a newly added 4-line Wrasse? In my 90g I have: Purple tang Yellow tang Purple Pseudo Coral Beauty Maroon clown b/w clown true perc blue devil they all went after him as soon as i put him in, even with food put in to distract them.
  14. Just some pics

    sorry about that, but it's a 90g tank and it's in a hallway with a bay window and it's hard to get a full tank shot. but here is my feeble attempt.
  15. Just some pics

    Finally put up some pics of course they are nothing compared to the rest of MR, but I wanted to contribute:inlove::givebeer: