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  1. MTC Pro Cal Calcium Reactor w/ Media

    For sale older unit but well maintained calcium reactor. Rated for up to 750 gallons. Modified for a ph probe. Priced to sell $200 Firm
  2. Multiple UV Sterilizers

    Will post pictures in the next couple days. Aqua UV 25 watt unit with wiper. Needs a new bulb and wiper assembly $140 shipped. CoralifeTurbo Twist 6x 18 watt UV Sterilizer Good working condition $120 I have a 3rd uv sterilizer for sale but need to find details on it tomorrow. It is a 35 watt...
  3. Modified MTC Pro Cal

    I just purchased a new calcium reactor because unfortunately the MTC doesnt fit under my new stand. This calcium reactor has kept my alk, calcium and mag incredibly stable. It is in my opinion one of the best calcium reactors ever made and is suitable for tanks up to 700 gallons. The reactor has...
  4. Planet Aquariums 100 Gal Rimless Peninsula *UPDATED*

    Tank, solid wood stand, mesh screen top, all plumbing and bulkheads,sump, eshopps S-150 cone, eheim return pump. 100 lbs of dried rock that I can power wash for you to get off most of the dead organics. Cook it in a dark garbage can for 3 weeks while you setup the tank and you are good to go...
  5. Coral Sakura Sunrise Paly and Nuclear Dragon Eye Zoa FS

    I would love those sakuras you ever in manhattan?
  6. Nikko's Innovative Marine 150 INT

    The eagle has landed. I figured I would start documenting every single part of the build including a slight basement remodel. [Reserved for Future FTS] [Reserved for Paramaters] Current Equipment List Tank: Innovative Marine 150 INT 47.5" x 35.5" x 20" Approximately APS Extruded Aluminum...
  7. Neptune Apex Classic

    I just got a new controller and I am selling my Neptune Apex Classic, Gold unit with the newer labels. The items that are included are: Original Box Brain Aqua Bus Cable Eb8 Kindle Fire for Display Wireless Adaptor with 2ft Ethernet Cable. Everything is clean and has been kept far from...
  8. Baby Neptune bounce $300

    Bottom right in this picture Is the mother. I paid a lot for her. I only have 2 babies currently and 1 is going to zuska on a trade. 1 left.
  9. Tank Custom Planet Aquariums 100 gallon Peninsula

    Cant believe this is still available. If it doesnt sell in the next week I'm gonna ask mods to close and will be keeping this beauty.
  10. Bulk Reef supply RODI $100

    I have a very clean 4 stage value plus rodi in perfect working condition. I just changed sediment, 1 micron carbon filter, resin has 50% life left. Membrane is in very good shape verified through tds meter. Will post a picture later.
  11. WTB XR 15 slide.

    9145255530 Really only looking to pick it up tonight. Long shot if anyone has one laying around if not I will order one.
  12. 3x Radion XR 30 Slides

    $25 for all 3 shipped PayPal as gift