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  1. Tank Red Sea Reefer 450 complete set up 4 sale

    Hey Glenn PM sent!
  2. Tank RedSea Reefer 170 (34 Gallon Glass tank with Stand)

    Ok, maybe jumped the gun. Searched your older threads. Didn't realize the condition... I'll pass. Thanks.
  3. Tank RedSea Reefer 170 (34 Gallon Glass tank with Stand)

    Please put me first in line Interested in purchasing, waiting on your answers. (Sent you PM conversation with a few questions) You can text/call tonight thanks
  4. Tank Red Sea Reefer Nano and equipment for sale

    Nano still for sale??
  5. WTB anyone got left over Dino -X?

    Looking to buy any Dino-X if anyone has some left over... I figure this is the kind of product that never gets used completely.. probably 1/2 bottle around... I have a Nano, so don't need to buy a full bottle... PM me..
  6. WTB Vanderbilts' Chromis

    Hi Vendors, I hope you guys check these threads... Looking for 3-4 Vanderbilt's Chromis thanks! Andre
  7. Any vendors order from

    If so, perhaps I can place a order into your next box(s) order... thanks Andre
  8. WTB RedSea White pom pom xenia

    If you have a frag or stalk to sell, please send me a PM thanks
  9. Anyone have odd cuts of starboard?

    I'm looking for a piece for the Nano cube. About a 13" x 15" piece of starboard. Any color is good. If you have a piece larger than this or close to it. Hit me with a PM and price thanks Andre
  10. Reefapalooza Saturday review?

    Hey guys, Just curious about any reviews that might come in today.... 1. What were your thoughts on the exotic livestocks? (coral and fish) 2. How were the vendors pricing? (Above average, average, below average) 3. Did you feel it was comparable with online pricing + shipping? 4. Any...
  11. WTB very small RBTA

    Looking for tiny RBTA. I'm in Manhattan but have a car, can drive out to pickup.
  12. $65 Perfect working Aquabee 2000 pump

    Pulled from my Deltec AP600 skimmer 18Watts 2000 liters/hr air intake
  13. FS or FT 12Gallon JBJ NanoCube $20

    12 gallon JBJ Nanocube with empty Hood, back chamber. 20 bucks or a frag... pickup in Manhattan dry,empty, clean.... some scratches on glass PM
  14. Wtb small rbta

    Looking for a very small RBTA PM if you have a SMALL RBTA for sale thanks Dre
  15. WTB: Hidden Cup Corals

    These guys are usually hitchhikers on Florida Live Rock. I've been trying to get a couple of the sellers to sell me just the small rock with coral, but they seem too concerned with large orders... Looks like this: (#17) Anybody have any of these guys...