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  1. Bartlet Anthias live aquaria

    I have a bartlett anthias that arrives this morning from live aquaria. It is the larger size. $40 takes him.
  2. Flame Angel fs/ft

    Selling 3" flame angel had him 1 year never touched coral healthy no disease no ich eats like a champ. Will accept trades im looking for naso tangs, anthias or maybe corals depending what you have. Meet around 11570 $40
  3. Flame angel live rock live sand

    Selling a 2" flame angel. $20 3 small pieces of pukani and totoka live rock $20 And tropic eden live sand enough to cover a 125g with a 2" bed. $20 Take all for $50
  4. Emperor Angel Atlantic Blue Tang

    Emperor Angel and Atlantic Blue Tang both are adults both sre about 5-6?. $100 for Angel $70 for tang take both for $150. Open to trades only want fish. Tangs anthias. Both fish have been through hypo and eat seaweed tons of seaweed. They also been eating mysis and squid laced with kanaplex...
  5. 125g rr tank and stand

    125g marineland reef ready standard tank (blue background) with metal stand. $225 Pick up 11570.
  6. Powerland tri fuel generator. Brand new still in box. Comes with 5gal non spill gasoline container. Can use natural gas or propane as well as gasoline. $800
  7. 2" emperor angel fs/ft

    Selling my emperor angel 2" $30 or trade.
  8. 60" t5ho lighting

    Fixtures or retrofits welcome.
  9. ORA Blood Orange Clownfish And more FS

    Selling my blood orange clownfish from ora. Its a hybris between maroon and ocselaris clown. $40 Also selling large yellow tang about 5" $40 And diamond goby about 3". $15 Randali pistol shrimp $15. $25 for both diamond goby and shrimp.
  10. Anemones for sale

    Have 3 condy anemones 1 purple 1 white and 1 green. $15 each. $25 for 2 $30 for all 3. Also selling 1 rare purple bta for $30 Condys are about 2" bta is much larger maybe 7"
  11. Fantasy Baseball

    Anyone interested in Fantasy baseball Pm me
  12. Wtb 72x24 stand

    Hey would like a stand for a 180. Wood or metal doesnt matter. Lmk what u have. 72x24
  13. 180g derim and eurobrace

    I have a new 180g perfecto marineland rr aquarium. I am thinking of removing the top rim and replacing it with glass eurobrace. The tank is a 72x24x24. I was thinking or 2x 72"x4.25"x.5" glass strips. 1 for the front and one for the back. I dont think the side panels will need any euro brace...
  14. Deep Dimension 250 - 300 gallons

    Either 250g dd or 300g dd.
  15. BRS 6 stage 150gpd water saver plus ro/di Looking for half of the new price in link above. $175 All filters are like new. Only used to fill a 70g tank 3 quarters full just a few weeks ago. Im leaving the hobbby and no longer need this. The...